Ariston Test – Learing Styles

Evidently, man learns and gains knowledge or skill through action, study, schooling, experience, education, training, and generally, by processing data and information selected by his basic senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing).
A learning difficulty, regardless of its cause or nature, does not indicate subnormal intelligence, but rather a learning environment which is not suitable for the person under investigation. This means that the person must be compensated for with special tutoring and a learning environment that is in congruence with his personality traits.

The purpose of this test is to discover how a person learns best, that is, modes under which the person gains maximum knowledge or skill.
These modes are:
a) Auditory, utilising the sound,
b) Visual, utilising vision,
c) Linguistic, utilising the written word,
d) Kinaesthetic, utilising movement, touching,
e) Interpersonal, utilising interpersonal relationships, and
f) Intrapersonal, showing a preference to study alone and to think independently.

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