Mg Zoe Charokopou

My name is Zoe Charokopou, and my studies began with German and Greek Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.  I did my postgraduate specialization of German Language teachers at the Humanities’ School of Greek Open University.
My grandfather Michalis Iraklianos, has been my mentor as well as my instructor.  He was a teacher and founder of the private school “Βυζάντιο” and he taught me the value of the ancient the Greek phrase “αίειν αριστεύειν” which means, ”keep on being excellent”.  Also, my great- grandfather Panagis Charokopos has been an incentive and an idol to me.  He was a great beneficiary and founder of Harokopio University.

I have been teaching the German language for almost thirty years.  Serving as a teacher of German language at both public and private educational levels from primary to senior school.  I have also been a commissioned oral examiner for the Certification of German Language of the Ministry of Education and at examination centers for children with special learning abilities.

Amongst others, I have been in charge of the production and presentation of the educational radio broadcast “Deutsch warum nicht”, as a scientific contributor for Gοethe Institut Athen & Deutsche Welle and I have been an interpreter and attendant to many European sport conferences of the Ministry of Athletics.

At the same time, I founded with love my own educational and learning institute, where I still teach German and Greek.  Having the students and their needs at the center of attention and keeping my teaching methods current, using the latest in technological developments for my lessons to be creative and an inspiring to my students.  This is how I set myself apart from the traditional teaching methods.

For several years now, with the helping hand of technology I have been teaching German online to students worldwide (countries include Germany, Holland, Switzerland and South Africa etc.), having equal quality of service and results.  My students get excited without the sterile teaching ways and as a result they are motivated.  I feel this is the reason why they have an excellent rate of success in their examinations.

I love travelling, not only because it is a great source of inspiration and knowledge, but also it is the best way to expand one’s mental horizons.  I accompany my students on their trips to German-speaking countries and take advantage of my language tools, to help my students get the best out of the local civilization and culture.

Furthermore, I have been trained in the method ακουστικοψυχοφωνολογίας TOMATIS, working closely with my students to help them assimilate knowledge properly and effectively.  I have been using this method since 2010 with many beneficial effects.  I have taken courses in Cologne, Vienna, Luxembourg, Athens and Zurich which allows me to incorporate TOMATIS in my own teaching methods.  My aim is to help everybody, with focal hearing, activating the brain and educating their own voice, allowing them to learn to educate themselves.

Summing up, I recognise the needs of the students and their parents on responsible guidance as to the subsequent course supporting my students psychologically, pertaining to the ARISTON TEST for guidance and learning abilities.  I continued my studies in Kapodistrian University of Athens, training in adolescent health and psychology, in learning disabilities including dyslexia and the management and education of gifted children in educational psychology.

I thank my husband and my son every day, and I feel blessed because without their support and love I would not have succeeded and be where I am today …

I will never stop, I will always keep going…