The Tomatis Method – What is all about?

1. What is the Tomatis Method about?

The Tomatis Method is based on Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP). It is the Education of Listening, which intends to charge with energy the cortex, by exercising the  the hammer and the anvil (the two bones in the middle ear).

It is the audio training, which aims  to awaken the desire for good communication, fast and effective learning, mental peace and tranquility.

The TOMATIS method is based on the relationship that exists between the ear and the voice, hearing and listening, in auditory processing and communication, and it uses the “Electronic Ear”. The “Electronic Ear” or “hearing simulator” is a special device designed and created by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, which operates as an ideal human ear. It is a system that exploits and activates the strategies involved in perceptual organization and management of environmental noise.

sfira-akmonas-anaboleasThe two bones of the middle ear, the hammer and the anvil, enable precise and harmonious interpretation of auditory information in the inner ear and from there to the brain. When these two bones malfunction, the brain activates a protection system,  a mechanism that prevents hearing.

The role of the “Electronic Ear” is to restore the function of these two auditory ossicles. By exercising them with filtered sound waves, it removes the blocking mechanism and activates the full audio capability, so that a man is able to listen, understand and communicate.

The  tomatis Method does not include any kind of medication and its effects last over time. It is sually implemented in a comfortable, non-clinical environment, where one can relax or to work creatively.

The  tomatis Method is an educational program and should not be considered medical diagnostic device or medical treatment.

Here you can find a simple questionnaire, which will help you understand whether you or your children administrate any kind of Listening Dysfunction